Milavec Hakimi Gallery *MULTIPLIED

55 Cooper Union is starkly unique.  Its design intentionally articulates to the public that it is different from the buildings and fabric that surrounds it.  Our intervention takes this urban experience and creates, at the pedestrian scale, a conduit, a direct link between interior and exterior, for pedestrians to interact and discover the Milavec Hakimi Gallery.  By effectively erasing the existing façade with regimented, rhythmic panels the intervention encourages investigation.

Currently, as pedestrians pass by the gallery their path of travel is essentially parallel to the curtain wall, giving them a clear view into the space.  Our intervention is a fundamental change in this existing condition.  We have duplicated / multiplied that curtain wall, while rotating its orientation, with panels perpendicular to the path of pedestrian travel. We have replaced the clearly framed interstitial space between sidewalk and gallery, with semitransparent-framed panels.  The new condition partially masks the entrance to the gallery, and it encourages a personal response of investigation.  Between each of these panels (located to match the pattern of the curtain wall mullions and the depth of the overhang) the participant is reoriented on a central art piece, a personal gallery.